Oct 20, 2022 · After EW confirmed the main cast of season 11 and FX added a few more names to the roster, AHS:NYC, as this latest story is called, served up a first look at the actors in character. First up.... "/>
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In American Horror Story: Coven, season three, we're introduced to the concept of The Supreme. The Supreme is the most powerful witch descended from the Salem witches currently alive and she serves as the head of the Coven. She also serves as an instructor and guide for the younger witches at Miss Robichaux's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.
AHS top scorer Emily Baker, the reigning Telegraph Player of the Year, ... They both had fantastic junior seasons and they have high hopes for their senior season as well.
Yep, AHS: NYC has been confirmed – and it's dropping on October 19th, with two episodes being released each week. Season 11 's title was confirmed by Ryan Murphy and the rest of the cast yesterday (Sept 29), but details about what exactly AHS: NYC is going to be about have not been released just yet. No official synopsis has been shared.
The American Horror Story Season 11, Episodes 7 and 8 promo suggests things will only get worse as AHS: NYC reaches a climax. Warning: Spoilers for American Horror Story
2.1 Season 1: Murder House (2011) 2.2 Season 2: Asylum (2012–13) 2.3 Season 3: Coven (2013–14) 2.4 Season 4: Freak Show (2014–15) 2.5 Season 5: Hotel (2015–16) 2.6 Season 6: Roanoke (2016) 2.7 Season 7: Cult (2017) 2.8 Season 8: Apocalypse (2018) 2.9 Season 9: 1984 (2019) 2.10 Season 10: Double Feature (2021) 2.11 Season 11: NYC (2022) 3 References