Aug 15, 2016 · Sadhguru: There is something called “love,” and there is something called “attachment.”. What people call “love” is just a way of binding themselves to somebody, getting identified with somebody, but this is not love — this is attachment. We always mistake attachment for love, but attachment has nothing to do with love.. "/>
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Jul 15, 2022 · The main difference between love and attachment is that selfishness is hidden in attachment. When you are in love, your focus is on making your partner happy. You feel complete in the happiness of your partner. In love, you never judge the other person or the situation. You never blackmail your partner emotionally, never try to deviate from them.
Love > A natural feeling of belongingness, to sacrifice for the other, to always support and empower. Love means TO GIVE without expecting any return. 2. Attachment -> A
Attachment is directed towards one's self. • Extent of Caring: • In love, the individual cares for another even more than himself. • In an attachment, the individual cares for himself more than for the other. • Depth: • Love is deeper than attachment. • Love and Attachment: • A person can be attached to someone without loving that person.
Love is blind. Love is not a game. Love has no definite rules. Meanwhile, the verb "loves" is what we use after singular subjects like "Anne," "he," "the cat," or "my cousin.". English grammar prescribes adding the suffix "-s" or "-es" for singular subjects, which is one of the basic lessons we learn at school.
Love removes all partition and attachment creates partition. Attachment is prison and Love is vast beautiful garden. So when we can detach ourselves to this physical world only then journey of Love or soul starts. Let’s start the journey and remove all partitions. BEHAD KI PARAM PARAM SHANTI