Sep 01, 2010 · Troybilt 5500w generator keeps shutting off. I have a Troybilt generator with a B&S 10 HP engine. I have changed oil, sparkplug, and put in new gas. I have cleaned the carberator with B-12 cleaner. I start it okay but it will only run for a minute or so before it shuts down. At times it will almost quit, start running again, and soon shuts down.. "/>
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All you have to do is open the fuel cap a little bit and start your generator again. If the generator runs like normal, then you need to replace your fuel cap. Second, you can also take the fuel line off the fuel pump and see if enough fuel is getting through to
Generac Model OE6219 SERIAL 7888609 Natural Gas. Unit starts and runs in manual mode for about 10 seconds then shuts off the overcrank led is lit ,does this constantly, I could hear the starter motor engaging when it was running so I disconnected the trigger wire from it still shuts down after a few seconds.
If your generator engine is running but is producing no or low output, the circuit breaker is the first thing you should check. The breaker is a safety feature designed to automatically switch off if a surge of electricity or overload is detected. A surge can be caused by using a device that draws more power than the breaker is rated for, using ...
The problem turned out to be a bad oil pressure switch. The unit would run for about 25 minutes then stop and could be restarted. We were able to isolate the problem by holding the fuel solenoid open to keep the engine running and using an ohm meter see that the contacts were opening and closing intermittently and very briefly.
Jul 15, 2019 · Should the need arise to shut off a Generac standby generator, you would first need to unlock the cover of the unit and look on the right side for a switch indicating Auto, Off and Manual. Just switch the unit off. It may sound simple and it actually is, but keep in mind if your generator is running you may be in the middle of a storm and power ...