Jun 13, 2015 · Get-Mailbox -ResultSize 100 You can also get only first 100 mailboxes with other method using Select-Object. Get-Mailbox | Select-Object -First 100 In this way, you can also get second 100 mailboxes by adding -Skip parameter. Get-Mailbox | Select-Object -Skip 100 -First 100 The above command returns second 100 Mailbox details in between 101 to 200.. "/>
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We can have the cmdlet display just specific fields, such as DisplayName, ItemCount, and TotalItemSize, which will show the size of the mailbox. For that, we use the
Steps to view Archive Mailbox Size report. 1. Go to the Reports tab of O365 Manager Plus. 2. Navigate to Exchange Online --> Mailbox Reports in the left pane. 3. Under the Size Reports category, click on Archive Mailbox Sizes. 4. Choose the Office 365 Tenant and Domain.
Use the Get-EXOMailboxStatistics cmdlet to return information about a mailbox, such as the size of the mailbox, the number of messages it contains, and the last time it was accessed. For information about the parameter sets in the Syntax section below, see Exchange cmdlet syntax. In this article Syntax Description Examples Parameters Syntax
Get Exchange Mailbox Statistics using GB's as the unit of measurement. Includes Archive Mailbox and Total of both standard and archive mailbox. Item Count does not include archive mailbox.