Jan 04, 2019 · How To Use A Golf Cart Battery Watering System with Manual Hand Pump. Step 1. Connect the manual pump to the battery watering system by inserting the connector from the kit into the connecting adapter on the hand pump. Step 2. Place the opposite end of hand pump tubing into a gallon jug of distilled water. Step 3. "/>
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The Hydrolink Pro-Fill Battery Watering System
Pro-Fill Watering Systems for Golf Carts from $53.20 Handy Pump Water Supply for Pro-Fill $29.95 Millennium/Pro-Fill Direct Fill Hose from $89.45 Qwik-Fill On-Board Watering System - Marine Batteries from $45.00 Handy Pump Water Supply for Pro-Fill RV Edition ONLY $29.95 Pro-Fill RV Edition $79.95.
The Flow-Rite Battery Filler Hand Pump is perfect for filling RV batteries, golf carts, utility vehicles, or other light duty uses. Designed for use with Millennium SPW, Pro-Fill, or Qwik-Fill systems. Only one pump required for systems up to 24 battery cells. Easily fill batteries with distilled water in seconds.
BA-6FT-7G FlowRite $45.99 Pro-Fill Universal 48V Watering Kit for Six 8-Volt Batteries (BG-U48V-6G) FlowRite $164.97 Flow-Rite Battery Watering System BG U72V 8J Pro-Fill Universal 72V ProFill $214.95 Battery Watering Technologies 09FUV6 - Male Connector For FLowrite FIll Links with BWT Watering Kits (Standard Battery) $32.92